Wait a minute… what do you do again?

Before I start rolling out links, articles and other content… I thought it best that I first take a step back and give a quick overview as to what it is that Frost & Sullivan actually does.

Frost & Sullivan is a global growth consulting company founded in 1961.  95% of Fortune and Global 1000 companies have worked with Frost & Sullivan in one form of another – usually as customers of our research.

Back in the 90’s, Frost & Sullivan decided to leverage its extensive consulting experience and established its Events Division – a business unit focused on the development of executive-level best practice and networking events.  The strategy behind this is and always has been to provide truly valuable executive experiences that set themselves apart from the overwhelming amount of sales-heavy trade shows subjecting their audience members to a sea of vendors and non-applicable PowerPoint presentations.  This is where I (Ian Lyckland) come in.

I began working at Frost & Sullivan’s Events Division as an Account Executive.  All of our events are invitation and end user-only to ensure their value.  My job was to build the proper audiences for these events (typically VPs, Directors and other Senior Executives of companies realizing an annual revenue > $500m).

While the more conventional methods of communication are all well and good, I found that utilizing social media channels is the best way to reach an individual without being too intrusive.  Lets face it, the last thing anyone wants is another unnecessary message filling up their inbox.

That brings us to where we are today.  This page, along with the various social media channels listed to the right, will provide a constant stream of content, related articles, best practices and information pertaining to the current executive networking events that we are holding.

But enough about me, I look forward to hearing about YOU!



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