Upcoming Frost & Sullivan eBroadcasts

September sees the launch of two all new live eBroadcasts (Frost & Sullivan’s webcast series), both of which act as a supplement to the upcoming Customer Contact West, 2010: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange.   These eBroadcasts will premiere on September 15th & 23rd respectively and, as always, are both free to attend.  The hashtag for these will be #ebroadcast and I will be live-Tweeting both from @Frost_CC.

Details for both below:

1) September 15th – Actionable Insights: The Key to Creating Self-Service Satisfaction

Contact center managers are forced to make important decisions every day based on incomplete and inaccurate data, turning what should be a process of continuous improvement into a frustrating exercise in trial and error. While metrics like automation rate and first call resolution can indicate cost savings, they cannot give leaders insights into the customer experience, direction for new investments, or accurate measurement of ROI.

Join Frost & Sullivan and Microsoft Tellme’s Grant Shirk to learn current trends and repeatable best practices to optimize the performance of self-service applications.

During this live complimentary eBroadcast, learn how:

  • Customers preferences for communicating with companies are changing and other current trends
  • Using customer oriented metrics like Task Completion Rate (TCR) is beneficial to both business & technical leaders
  • Social media is encroaching on traditional notions of self-service, changing the dynamics of interactions and metrics
  • To use TCR to identify, plan and measure improvements in self-service
  • Companies have successfully used TCR to achieve business goals

Join us as we discuss optimizing the performance of self-service applications. Share your viewpoints with our experts during the interactive Q&A.Q&


2) September 23rd – The Enterprise Desktop:  From Service Obstacle to Experience Enabler

Do you continue to try to wrap processes and people around your technology?  As customer contact centers try to wrap processes and people around their technology, customer dissatisfaction and thousands of dollars in lost productivity continue to occur. The challenge is to eliminate obstacles to service delivery by bending information and technology around great customer and employee processes to improve productivity, lower costs, and provide a better customer experience.

Join Frost & Sullivan, IRT and Cicero for a live 30-minute eBroadcast to learn how you can leverage existing servicing technology and make it work better for your employees, business, and customers.

During this complimentary eBroadcast, learn how:

  • Revamping the agent’s work environment can improve the customer experience
  • The five biggest productivity killers can be eliminated with next generation desktop technology
  • To transform an enterprise desktop from service obstacle to customer experience enabler

Join us as we discuss the Enterprise Desktop, where the customer experience is really defined.  Share your viewpoints with our experts during our interactive 10-minute Q & A following the presentation.


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