Customer Contat 2010, West: Final Checklist

I’m getting ready to head out to La Jolla, California for the 6th Annual Customer Contact 2010, West and I’ve been going over my checklist of things to bring.  For those attending, I whipped up a quick checklist of things to make sure the event is a success for you:

  • Dress is business casual.  It wouldn’t hurt to bring a sportcoat or blazer, but there aren’t any formal dinners built into the general sessions.  Also, I would recommend staying away from any “logo-ware.”   This is very much a relationship-building networking event and you want to blend in, not stand out.
  • Business cards, business cards, business cards.  You know the stack of business cards you’re packing?  Add 50 more just in case.
  • Come prepared with best practices and questions.  This event is audience driven and is highly interactive.  Be prepared to learn industry-leading best practices from your peers, and to share some personal experiences of your own.

That’s pretty much it!  Frost & Sullivan’s on-site team will provide all other materials and will be around to help you with any questions you may have.  If anyone has any last minute questions, make sure you reach out to me.  Also… be sure to keep an eye on @FS_events as I’ll be live blogging the event for the entire week with the hashtag #CCWest.  Everyone have a safe trip and I’ll see you at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines!


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