Upcoming eBroadcast – Smart Grid: A New Customer Experience

With the evolution of the energy industry affecting every aspect of electricity in today’s society, utilities are facing critical decisions about integrating these technologies without compromising and affecting power reliability, safety, and most importantly, customer service. Smart grid promises to enable the transition to this “new energy economy”.

The utility industry is spending hundreds of millions of dollars over the next five years on smart grid technologies such as advanced metering infrastructure, demand side management, enhanced distribution automation, and upgraded network infrastructure.  The roll out of smart meters and the subsequent demand side management programs will inherently increase interaction between utilities and customers at unprecedented levels. In parallel to smart grid deployments, utilities are compelled to revamp their customer service programs to address the anticipated increase in customer and utility interaction.

Join Frost & Sullivan, Elster, and West Corporation as they share real-world experiences and insights gained from large-scale meter deployments across North America.  While smart grid technologies promise a new customer experience, the deployment of these technologies during the transition period can greatly affect a utility’s customer satisfaction, and ultimately its long-term operational and financial success.

During this 60-minute complimentary eBroadcast, we’ll explore:

  • Overview of the demand side management sector and its influence on the utility market
  • Summary of the Frost & Sullivan consumer survey on new energy trends
  • What the utility industry is doing in reaction to consumer demands, grid management & mitigation, and government stimulus spending
  • A customer centric approach to utilities care. Dealing with customers on their terms
  • Review of End to End customer service best practices and contact strategy

Click here to register and join us as we discuss how you can provide a smarter quality service and increase your bottom line. Share and exchange your experience and viewpoints with our panel of experts during our live, interactive Q&A following the presentation.

Pannel of Presenters


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