Upcoming eBroadcast – Innovating Sales Prospecting: 3 New Trends to Reduce Costs and Accelerate Sales

New innovations have driven significant change in areas of lead generation, making greater use of technologies such as the web and social media. Additionally, sales prospecting can now evolve through the proper applications of these innovations.

Join Frost & Sullivan, Infogroup OneSource and OnBrand24 as they discuss 3 new trends in sales prospecting guaranteed to accelerate sales and reduce costs:

  1. Harnessing buying triggers to find sales opportunities
  2. Using efficient ways to tap into social media
  3. Prioritizing prospects to focus reps where there is the greatest opportunity.

Click here to register and join us as we discuss how you can apply these sales prospecting innovations to accelerate your sales pipeline. Share and exchange your experience and viewpoints with our panel of experts during our live, interactive Q&A following the presentation.

After the eBroadcast, we have asked Infogroup OneSource to stay on for ten minutes to demonstrate their new sales prospecting tool, iSell from OneSource. This demo will exemplify the best practices presented in this eBroadcast and may inspire some improvements to your own sales prospecting.

This eBroadcast's Pannel of Speakers


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