Best Practices in Online Marketing to Small, Mid-sized and Growing Companies


It appears there is a bit of a recipe for success, as there are many common themes in the online marketing programs of companies large or small when marketing online to growing companies.  Here is what I learned just by looking at some websites:

  • Don’t burry free trial or demo offers on your website. Instead, make them the primary call to action, highlighted in the banner of your website home page.
  • Make sure you have product focused video so that prospects can quickly and easily understand your product.
  • Show-off if your product can be used on a mobile device right on your home page, as this is important for small and mid-sized company execs who are often on the go.
  • Be clear about what service or product your company provides.
  • Don’t fill pages with gobbledygook. Instead, clearly list what your product does and the pains it relieves.
  • Let your buyers know they can get started quickly and easily- either by letting them sign up right away or by telling the in primary text on your home page.
  • Keep thought leadership in your blog, resource center, or lead nurturing, but don’t feature it as the primary offer on your website. This content is great for sharing, and to get people to the website, but once they hit the home page the product focused content is more important.

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