Presents CONVERGE, Summit for Healthcare Innovation, in Philadelphia

CLEVELAND, Ohio (March 20, 2012) – MedCity Media, publisher of, is hosting its first-ever executive conference, CONVERGE (#ConvergeConf), on July 10 at The Hyatt at The Bellevue in Philadelphia, Pa.
CONVERGE is a one-day, executive summit that will debate and discuss the leading trends, showcase the hottest startups and share best practices among some of the industry’s most innovative hospital systems and leading medical device, digital health, pharmaceutical and information technology companies.
“Data analytics, mobile, new technology platforms and traditional healthcare have collided in a way that will forever change the medical industry. CONVERGE is the place where the most important thinkers, decision makers and entrepreneurs will convene to bring a real vision of that future,” said Chris Seper, CEO, MedCity Media. “Now more than ever, these disparate industry verticals — from medical devices and hospitals to digital health and IT– need to collaborate to develop the innovative solutions to address healthcare’s challenges. CONVERGE is one of those rare instances where healthcare’s innovation ecosystem will have the opportunity to come together to discuss what medical business will truly be about for years to come.”
With a mix of provocative keynotes, panels and breakout sessions, the conference will explore some of the leading trends around healthcare convergence. Sample discussion topics include:
 Medtech in 2020: What does the medical device industry look like post-tax, post-reform and completely globalized?
 Convergence worth investing in: The hottest investment segments
 Diagnostics 3.0: how the mobile platform is changing, helping and enabling medical technology
 Seeking hospital system solutions: Healthcare CIOs and other hospital decision makers discuss problems they need to solve right now: from gaps in electronic health records to other digital and device solutions entrepreneurs could act on today
 Personalized medicine: Breaking through barriers to entry among healthcare professionals
 Applying open innovation in healthcare: Lessons from those who have tried
 Gaps in the digital health revolution: What needs to be secured?
To help further shape the program and enhance CONVERGE, MedCity has assembled the following advisory board members:
 Dr. Michael Anderson – Chief Medical Officer, University Hospitals Case Medical Center
 Steven M. Auvil – Partner, Chair of Intellectual Property Practice Group, Benesch
 Mike Hess – Vice President of Corporate Technology & Innovation, Medtronic
 Dr. Gary J. Kurtzman – Managing Director, Safeguard Scientifics
 Chris Preti – Vice President of Patient Engagement, GlaxoSmithKline
 Brandon Rowberry – Vice President of Innovation Development, UnitedHealth Group
 Halle Tecco – Founder & CEO, Rock Health
 Alan Ying – Venture Partner, Chrysalis Ventures
“The landscape of healthcare innovation and funding is rapidly changing; the needs and demands of the industry are evolving, and CONVERGE is an opportunity for all aspects of the community to come together and discuss not only what is happening today, but what is yet to come,” said Hess.
“I’m excited for Benesch to be involved as a sponsor, and to personally contribute on the advisory board of the inaugural CONVERGE summit,” said Auvil. “ is one of the few places where we’ve been able to follow coverage of early stage companies developing mobile apps to neurology medical devices, and to hear from thought leaders transforming everything from pharmaceutical sales to healthcare venture capital. And, this conference will bring that synergistic discussion to life in Philadelphia, a city where healthcare and life sciences are thriving.”
Joining Benesch as early sponsors and partners are StoneArch Creative and the University City Science Center.
“As an agency that heavily serves the medical community, we are thrilled with the opportunities presented by MedCity Media,” said Jessica Boden, President, StoneArch Creative. “CONVERGE is a cutting-edge summit that brings together leaders and innovators from across the industry for thoughtful debate and discussion. Our involvement from the ground up is exciting, and we look forward to other companies joining us and MedCity to make CONVERGE a first-class conference.”
“Greater Philadelphia is a life sciences powerhouse, employing more than 100,000 people. That strength and activity make it a natural venue for the CONVERGE conference,” says Stephen S. Tang, Ph.D., President & CEO of the University City Science Center.
Details and registration information for CONVERGE can be found at Twitter users are encouraged to utilize the hashtag #ConvergeConf for event discussion.
“CONVERGE is an event you won’t want to miss,” said Seper. “The session topics, networking opportunities and industry connectivity that we are striving for with this summit will be something attendees will long remember, and as our inaugural conference, we hope all of our readers will join us as we bring our editorial coverage to life in Philadelphia.”
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About MedCity Media
MedCity Media, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the publisher of one of the fastest growing industry news sites covering healthcare innovation,, and a provider of custom marketing solutions to healthcare industry clients across the United States. Reaching more than 150,000 unique visitors per month, provides news, opinion and analysis from today’s medical cities to an audience of industry executives. With bureaus in Cleveland, Twin Cities, Research Triangle Park and Philadelphia, MedCity journalists cover innovation, emerging companies, and technology from across the healthcare ecosystem. The company’s custom marketing solutions division services clients of all sizes (including some of the world’s largest and best health systems to small startups) utilizing a network of experienced healthcare content creators across the country to provide content of all types for all mediums – web copy, social media content, news articles, and more. For additional information, visit or contact


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