5 Twitter Tools to Optimize Your Influence

How do you know what value you’re getting out of all that time and money you put into your Twitter feed? Below are 5 tools that help you measure and monitor your influence footprint in the Twittersphere. Read on.
Since you’re reading this, you probably have a Twitter feed. You probably also have a boss or client who wants to justify an ongoing investment in Twitter.
While you might not be able to show a dollars-and-cents return on that investment, you should at least show yourself and the powers that be what influence you’re getting for the money spent in the Twitter channel.
Below are 5 tools that will show you how well you’re doing with influencing your social graph.
Now, here’s Sr. Editor Janet Roberts with those tools which can help you measure your influence in Twitter-Land. Take it awaaaay, JR …
1. Crowdbooster
This complimentary tool saves us at least an hour of research a week because we can monitor our Twitter activity and track changes in influence in just a couple of clicks.
Below are a few of the things we do regularly on Crowdbooster:
Monitor our follower growth and activity
Schedule and deploy Tweets at times that are more likely to generate retweets, replies and “favorites” (Twitter’s equivalent of the “Like” button on Facebook)
See a list of our most influential followers
See who’s acting on our Tweets so we can thank them via Twitter or some other contact channel
We also like Crowdbooster’s weekly stats summary that shows you at a glance how many followers you’re gaining or losing, how many retweets and mentions you got, and which Tweets generated the most responses and got the widest reach.
2. Mentionmapp
This visualization tool shows you who talks about you most often and who else they’re talking about.
Use this information to find out and cultivate the Tweeters on whom you have the greatest influence. You’ll also gain insight into the issues your influentials are talking about to help you get a foothold on their hot buttons.
Besides drawing you a picture of your influence, Mentionmapp can also help you get some competitive intelligence on your competition. Search on their Twitter usernames to see who’s talking about them, who their influential followers are and whether you have any commonalities.
Mentionmapp is simple to use. Just connect via your Twitter account and then type in the username you want to research. Mentionmapp will present a universe of users who mention you as well as the hashtags they use most often in their Tweets.
Click on each username to get more detailed information about that person’s Twitter habits and influence.
3. TweetCharts
This Twitter search tool will help you generate lots of data about topics, hashtags or Tweeters, which is useful information whether you’re measuring your own influence, monitoring your mentions or checking out your followers or competition.
Some examples:
Research the influence of specific Tweeters
See whether the mentions of your hashtag, URL or Twitter search keyword are positive or negative
Track whether a Tweet got mentions through another user’s original Tweet or just retweets without additional comments
Find out whether your followers or mentioners are more likely to be male or female
This info is crucial for marketers who are tracking their own Twitter campaigns, tracking their competition or checking to see how hot a particular search is. It was developed as a lead-gen tool for HubSpot but has plenty to recommend it on its own.
4. TwentyFeet
If you just want to track your influence by the numbers in your Twitter account (number of followers, number of retweets and mentions, etc.), this service gives you those facts in a series of color-coded line charts. You’ll get a fast, one-glance look at how you’re doing on the metrics that matter the most to your social media strategy.
TwentyFeet is a freemium/premium service that allows you to track one account each on Twitter and Facebook at no charge. Other services, including MySpace, YouTube and the bit.ly URL shortening service can be tracked for an annual charge that begins at $2.49 at time of writing.
You can toggle among all of the services via a drop-down menu on your dashboard and also specify the date range for which you want data, from yesterday through the previous 365 days.
5. Tweepi
Whom you know, and who knows you, are two of the biggest measurements of influence on Twitter. This tool will help you gain insights into your Twitter influence on your followers and help you track down influential people to follow.
Tweepi scans your Twitter follow and follower lists and identifies those who follow you but whom you don’t follow yet as well as those whom you follow but who don’t reciprocate. With this data, you can find new people to follow, based on topics or interests, or reach out to influential nonfollowers.
When you want to check someone out, Tweepi serves up some quick insights, such as their Twitter stats, how active they are on Twitter, etc.
Tweepi offers a premium service, but you can get plenty of information from the basic service. Click the “Good Old Free Tweepi” button on the homepage to get started.


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