7th Annual Customer Contact Executive MindXchange 2013, Europe: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange

We are very excited to announce our 3 confirmed Keynotes at our 7th Annual Customer Contact 2013, Europe event, taking place this year in June, in Cannes, France: http://bit.ly/11nhidO
1. Delivering Happiness: The Zappos Customer Service Story

Jamie Naughton
Speaker of the House & Chief Culture Ambassador
Zappos.com, Inc.

Key Take-Aways:

* Insight on how to lead by building open and honest relationships
* Best practices for actively managing your culture to a set of core values
* Framework to elevate expectations and accountability at all levels

2. Easy Does It: Serving Autonomous Customers

Dr. Nicola Millard
Customer Experience Futurologist

Key Take-Aways:

* Based on new global research into consumer behaviours, find out on what autonomous customers want from organisations in terms of their contact strategies
* What channels are being prioritised by customers now and into the future? How do social and mobile channels fit into the mix?
* Is ease of doing business the new loyalty?

3. Creating a New Perception: How the Contact Centre Makes the Enterprise More Efficient, Effective and Competitive

Stefan Osthaus
Vice President Worldwide Support
Symantec Corporation

Key Take-Aways:

* A framework for a customer care turn-around from a cost center to a loyalty driver
* Success factors and metrics to drive in order to create a successful transition plan for your care organization
* Lessons learned, pitfalls and outcomes from a successful implementation of this approach in one of the world’s largest software companies

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Posted By Donna Perlstein


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