Press Release: Frost & Sullivan Offers What Others Cannot: Innovation, Credibility, Choice & Marketing Returns

Frost & Sullivan’s Integrated Marketing Solutions practice offers turnkey solutions that support marketers’ efforts to generate awareness, drive consideration, establish credibility and in turn, generate business.

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Feb 1, 2014 – Marketing executives are constantly searching for new ways to attract, engage and convert prospects into customers at an accelerated rate. Frost & Sullivan’s Integrated Marketing Solutions practice offers solutions at every stage of your customers’ buying cycle. 

Marketing executives benefit from formulating an overall Strategic Plan, prior to implementing specific strategies for each stage of the buying cycle. Frost & Sullivan’s IMS practice takes the pain out of planning. With an expertise in customer and prospect segmentation, Frost & Sullivan helps companies optimally target their audience, while creating a message that is entirely customer focused. The IMS team can help design the strategy and map out the tactical components for a comprehensive and attainable realization of your team’s goals.

1) Awareness – To motivate your customers to purchase your products and/or services, they must be aware of your organization. Frost & Sullivan’s IMS practice partners with your team to improve upon your content marketing strategy, PR campaigns and thought leadership to help extend your reach via channels such as whitepapers, eBulletins, market resources, etc. 

2) Consideration – When customers are shopping for a product or service, it is imperative to connect with them, to ensure your solutions are part of their consideration. Frost & Sullivan leverages its extensive database of decision makers to identify and engage your prospects. Utilizing a mix of marketing strategies and an integrated approach from eBroadcasts to our globally famous, Executive MindXchange event series, Frost & Sullivan can connect your sales team with your target prospects, in their consideration phase. 

3) Credibility – When potential clients are considering products, they may discount a brand because they don’t have enough information to view the company as trustworthy. By partnering with Frost & Sullivan, and utilizing the unique tools such as Spotlight Videos and Virtual Think Tanks, you benefit from our credibility to help to build trust in your products and services.

4) Evaluation – Everyone likes to try before they buy. Prepared companies take this opportunity to demonstrate the value of their solution, and to show prospects how it stacks up against the competition. Validation from a third party can add a level of confidence at the evaluation stage, and provide that desired push to get prospects over the hump and make the purchase. Frost & Sullivan can help with the demonstration process via channels as roadshows, sponsorship of our Executive MindXchange events and our Executive Think Tank Dinner Series. 

Once you have converted the prospect, your work is far from done. It has only just begun and customer marketing begins. Leveraged wisely, happy clients are valuable assets. They can provide you with references and a greater level of credibility. Frost & Sullivan has created unique marketing channels to help you develop and promote your powerful influencers, your clients! VIP events, Outsourced eBulletins and interview style video case studies all help in having your clients promote your products! 

 “Frost & Sullivan has helped us through the transition to communicate our new, focused efforts. We’re happy to say that our event is now established as best-inbreed in the marketplace.” – Vice President of Marketing, McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions 

Frost & Sullivan’s Integrated Marketing Solutions practice is dedicated to helping business generate business. Utilizing over two dozen unique marketing channels, our IMS consultants work alongside our industry analysts, to build a customized solution that meets and exceeds your strategic marketing objectives. Check it out at


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